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Qatar won the 2022 World Cup and 2019 world championships, after the two big international events to host their own infrastructure needs a sharp increase in Qatar, the government will invest more than $205 billion in the field of infrastructure construction , mainly includes the new city plan, the old city transformation, the subway, road rail transportation network construction, energy facilities and construction of water conservancy facilities, high-tech sport’s pavilion construction, civil residence area and catering hotel facilities construction and so on a series of large projects, market potential is very huge.

In the world ecconomic report, Qatar, in 2014, was the fastest country in the gulf for three years in a row.

Qatar is located in the Asian and African mainland strategic transport hub, “Qatar’s economy is about to start operation free trade area” as transportation hub of Oriental and African studies, the strategy foe Qatar also laid a solid foundation; Offcially opened in December 2016, at the same time operating in the Middle East region’s largest deep-water port Doha Newport will card in the 27 days before the shipping time by the two countries to shorten the 18th in the aspect of investment law, Qatar, in December 2016,adjusted the joint venture system and labor security system, to the foreign investors to invest provides a strong protection.

The depressed 2016 construction market will have a major boost in 2017, driven by oil prices. Qatar government revenue is expected to more than 2017 growth of 7% last year, Qatar control regular expenditures, increase capital expenditures for transportation and infrastructure, health and education sectors, ensure the smooth preparation for the World Cup and increase investment in infrastructure considerations. The Qatar government approval will bu about $13 billion in 2017, the new contract, the contract involves the infrastructure, transportation, and the World Cup related projects in the capital markets, Qatar relies on abundant capital reserve strength.

In the first half of 2016, the capital of Qatar bond market is the most active, turnover accounted for 41% of the region. In addition, Qatar accounted for 31 percent of outbound m&a transactions in the region, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE accounting for 42 percent and 11 percent respectively.

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