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Economic and Trade Cooperation

I. Name
China-GCC (Duha)Economic, Trade and investment Forum

II. Purpose and principle
“Service, guidance and improvement”
-We will establish an exchange and discussing platform for Sino-Qatar investment, economic and trade cooperation, which will cover fields such as goods trade, service trade, projects contracting, direct investment, combination investment, financial cooperation, human resource development, jointly exploration development opportunities, to guide commercial growth, create a favorable commercial environment on the communication principle of observing facts and realities with regard to potential problems and in line with internationally recognized economic and trade rules.

Medium-term objectives: on such basis, we will strive to design, develop and organize exchange projects in business and academics between China and overseas countries, and initiate the China-Gulf Countries Natural Gas Industrial Chain Investment Fund.

Long-term objectives: we will promote Qatar to become the center of economic and trade cooperation between China and Gulf Co-operation Council countries.
Principles: do business in a business manner with no interference from politics and religions in line with internationally recognized commercial principles.

III. Forum theme

  1. Development potential under the Belt and Road Initiative
  2. The concept of the Belt and Road Initiative: Silk Road Economic Belt, especially maritime silk road
  3. Overseas infrastructure investment and construction
  4. The power of Chinese construction engineering and related industries, the upgrade of investment and construction forms of Chinese overseas infrastructure: From pure project contracting to investment and operation;
  5. The profile of Asia infrastructure and investment bank
  6. The new image of “Made in China” and a new era for multilateral economy and trade


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