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Tianjin Universal-Link Enterprise Ltd.

Tianjin Universal-Link Enterprise Ltd (TULE) was incorporated in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone on July 7, 2004. Its registered capital is 50 million Yuan. As a core enterprise of trade format of CTIETCC, it specializes in the international trade and related business. Its scale of operation is growing annually. It was awarded the honorable title of “Growing small- and medium-sized enterprise” by Tianjin Commerce System in 2008, “Youth Civilization Unit of Tianjin (2009)” by Tianjin Commission of Communist Youth League of China in early 2010, “Pacific Enterprise” in the system by CTIETCC in 2011 and “Pioneer Worker” of Tianjin City in 2012.


It has been engaged in import and export of metallic mineral products, iron and steel materials, other building materials, chemical raw materials, complete sets (including design, installation, debugging and training), automobiles, household products, electronic equipment, and other categories of products.


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