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Tianjin Century Jiahua Logistics Co., Ltd.

Tianjin century Jiahua logistics the limited company is a level of international freight transportation proxies enterprise which authorizes by national Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, is the FIATA organization association Member. The company since had been established already and many ship transport companies for example: MaShiji, MSC, bright,the Iranian shipping, ZIM, COSCO, and so on has established good The cooperation relations, simultaneously also bought the trade import and export unit with many to establish the business relation.We not only can provide the land, sea and air freight transportation proxy, the chartering for the customer Subscribes the cabin, stores in a storehouse, the declaration newspaper examines, many combined transports and so on many domains thing flows the service, the domestic and foreign coasts disperse the grocery and put together the box service, simultaneously also can bethe customer Provides the high quality service and the superiority transportation charges.

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