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  1. To contact with the cooperative customers by low-cost
    It is the most effective way for the company to get contact with the qualified customers. According to a study of the trade fair research company, the average cost for one exhibitor to be contacted with on the exhibition fairs is $177, while that cost for one customer to be contacted with by sales phone is $295.
  2. Light workload, but higher quality
    The subsequent workload is much lighter after coming into contact with a qualified customer in the trade show. The survey from the trade fair research company shows that the transaction can be realized only by 0.8 calls on average after coming into contact with a qualified customer in the trade show. It may need 3.7 calls through common typical business sales modes by contrast. According to another research of Mike Rogier Funds, 54% of the orders signed with the exhibitors by visiting the trade show don’t have to be followed up and visited by the customer.
  3. Time-saving
    In these three days, the number of the potential customers the exhibitors contacted with is much more than that the salesman contacted within 3 months. It is a way to quickly build relationships with customers by face to face meeting with the potential customers.
  4. Competitive advantages
    The trade show shall offer an opportunity for both the competitors in the same industry and the company itself. The competiveness of the company attending the trade show shall be reflected incisively and vividly by the well trained reception clerks, active promotions prior to and in the exhibition, fascinating design of the exhibition stand and rigorous follow-up. In addition, the visitors can make comparison on each exhibitor by taking the opportunity. Therefore, it is an open chance for the exhibitors to show the advantages of their products.
  5. Potential customers:
    The research from the trade fair research company shows that if take the average visitor volume of an exhibitor’s booth as the base, only 12% of which have received the calls from the salesmen of the company 12 months prior to the show; and 88% of which are new potential customers. Besides, the trade fair brings the high-level visitors to the exhibition. For the products and services of the exhibiting company, 49% of the visitors in the trade fair are planning to purchase them.
  6. Harmonious customer relations
    Customer relations are a hot topic in most companies, and a trade fair is a perfect place to strengthen and develop customer relations. The exhibitors can express their thankfulness to their customers in the following ways: Hospitable treatment, one-to-one dinner, special service, etc.
  7. Teach the customers to try the products by teach-by-doing.
    There may be few chances that salesmen can carry the product to demonstrate in the open air. A trade fair is a perfect place for the exhibitors to test the products in front of the potential customers.
  8. Analysis of competition
    That the chance provided by the trade fair to analysis the competition situation is of immeasurable effect. The exhibitors can know much about the information of the competitors such as the products, prices and marketing strategies, etc. only by observation and listening.
    Most of the trade shows, especially large-scale show like Qatar Made in China Exhibition, shall catch the attention of the media. It is an advantage of the exhibitors to get exposed by the media. And it is a critical work to invite the reporters to visit the exhibition stand.
  9. Market researches of products and service
    The trade fair offers a wonderful chance to perform market research. In case that the exhibitor is considering launching a new product or service, they can perform research to the visitors in the show, to know their requirements for the price, function, compensation and quality. So it is of great significance to attend a trade exhibition that even popular with the premier of Qatar.

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